presidential race 2012

Project Description

We created a mobile friendly destination for political junkies to get their up-to-the-minute race results for the 2012 election. As data streamed in from the ABC News Decision Desk, it was available within minutes on our mobile website.

Two cross-platform interfaces were created: A full list of states and their results and the 'Electoral States of America' which highlighted 'the states that decide the election'.

The up to the minute Decision Desk data was also utilized in a data dense, yet easy to use (desktop & tablet version) Race Ratings Map seen below (which was a standalone product as well as a feature in Game Changers).

We also designed, developed and launched the original interactive game, Game Changers. The game allows users to chose either current candidates or from the Hall of Fame (presidential candidates spanning back to 1960) for a state by state electoral vote battle.

Project Details

Mobile Race Ratings

Mobile Electoral States of America

Game Changers Interactive

Race Ratings